WinZip vs. Tar (Was Re: WinZip [Re: Egcs 1.1 having trouble with '

Michael Hirmke
Fri Sep 25 15:10:00 GMT 1998

Hi Paul,

>	So, for those who are curious, WinZip can _not_ handle any sort of
>symbolic linking whatsoever, period.  Of course, if it were run in a Unix
>shell, it might be able to...
>	Let's face it, folks; WinZip is defined/designed for MS Windows platforms
>and not for anything else.
>	The fact that WinZip is capable of handling .tar and .tgz is nothing more
>than a convenience that was added by NicoMac computing for those who
>haven't a clue about the differences between .tar, .tgz, .gzip, .zip or
>tar.gz type files.  Of course, it is _convenient_ for non-Unix aware users...

Perhaps once again I wasn't clear enough - I *don't want* .zip
archives, too.
All I wanted to point out was, that it doesn't help to use .tar.gz
archives to avoid problems with WinZIP, because WinZIP can deal with
.tar.gz and .tgz ! And if users didn't configure WinZIP as appropriate,
they will run into troubles.


Sorry for the confusion.

>	Peace,
>		Paul G.

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