server X

Michael Weiser
Fri Sep 25 15:10:00 GMT 1998

Hello Alexander, you wrote:
>> >Why is direct video hardware access
>> >more of a problem under windows than it is under Unix?
>> Because Windows NT doesn't allow any direct access to the hardware.
>I do not know enough about it, so this is more a question than a hint:
>How about DirectX and the like? Is it not designed for granting the
>developer direct hardware access?
I also don't know much about X and the way it works, but why do we
need direct hardware access anyway? AFAIK X opens some windows and
makes simple drawing which should map on top of the normal Win32 API
with its windowing and drawing functions.

For example I'm running XWin32 4.1 demo here and it's able to open
each X client in its own window on the normal Windows desktop without
needing DirectX.

So with some luck, we should be able to drop all the hardware code
from some XFree86 server and implement all the X calls with native
Windows calls. Of course it wouldn't be very portable and not very
easy to integrate in the normal source tree but it should be possible.
man liest sich, Micha
Ich bin dagegen!
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