Make addity?

Peter A. Vogel
Sat Sep 26 18:38:00 GMT 1998

I use make-3.77 built using the cygwin gcc tools for b19, having done
a straight-up "./configure" in the source tree to build it under the
cygnus environment.

The only time, I ever see "missing separator" type messages are when:

1.  The makefile was edited using an editor that converts tabs to spaces,
    gnumake REQUIRES command lines to begin with a <tab>.  Some windoze
    editors (and some configurations of emacs) convert tabs to spaces.

2.  I honestly forgot a colon where there should be one (like in a .PHONY)

It would help a lot if you showed us your makefile, at least a snippet
line 48 (couple lines before, couple after).


Peter A. Vogel
Manager, SW Configuration Management
Chromatic Research, Inc.

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> Subject: Make addity?
> All,
> As requested, I looked through back issues of the newsletter before
> posting. I DID find mention of my problem, but no solution was given and
> the answer didn't satisfy me.
> I have a problem in that, when I modify my make files, I get:
> 	makefile:48: *** missing separator.  Stop.
> To me this is a serious problem; it occurs when I add new lines or
> delete lines entirely. It happens whether or not I have a unix or dos
> line type. The only way I can get around it is to keep my makefile on a
> unix box on the internet and make changes there and ftp it across,
> because once I change the length of the file or add lines or whatnot, I
> get this seperator problem. What gives? Why this is happening? Is there
> a way around it without a new or patched make?
> The person who answered the original poster (Geoofrey Noer, I believe)
> said "make 3.77 fixes this", essentially. He poster also said that a
> later patch of b19 will fix it, but that make 3.77 wont fix it. That
> totally confused me. :) 3.77 make fixes that now, but later it wont?
> Also, where can I get source or binaries to the version of make (3.77)
> listed above, if indeed it does fix it? I'm new to the whole project, so
> I have yet to find my way around.
> Sorry for the totally newbie question.
> Lewis
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