Building SSL dll - please help

Jan Tomasek
Sun Sep 27 03:47:00 GMT 1998

I trying to build SSL dlls with Cygnus tools. 

I sucesfully build ssleay.exe, libcrypto.a and libssl.a.
ssleay.exe is working corectly (if I build in non binary mode).

I read FAQs about building, but I think that I'm doing some
stupid newbie error. Before that all my C building was made 
from Borlands IDE. I'm realy newbie in building with make :-)

Here is part of my make:

	ld -s --base-file libeay.dll.base --dll -o libeay.dll libcrypto.a libssl.a libRSAglue.a -e startup@12
	echo EXPORTS > libeay.dll.def
	nm libcrypto.a | grep '^........ [T] _' | sed 's/[^_]*_/	/' >>libeay.dll.def
	dlltool --as=as -dllname libeay.dll --def libeay.dll.def --base-file libeay.dll.base --output-exp libeay.dll.exp 
	ld -s --base-file libeay.dll.base libeay.dll.exp --dll -o libeay.dll libcrypto.a libssl.a libRSAglue.a

I'm receiving this errors:

libcrypto.a(stack.o)(.text+0x67):stack.c: undefined reference to `qsort'
libcrypto.a(stack.o)(.text+0x88):stack.c: undefined reference to `bsearch'
libcrypto.a(stack.o)(.text+0xdf):stack.c: undefined reference to `malloc'
libcrypto.a(stack.o)(.text+0xef):stack.c: undefined reference to `malloc'
libcrypto.a(stack.o)(.text+0x130):stack.c: undefined reference to `free'
libcrypto.a(stack.o)(.text+0x150):stack.c: undefined reference to `free'
libcrypto.a(stack.o)(.text+0x159):stack.c: undefined reference to `free'

That seams that some system library is mising. But which?
Help me please.
                            Jan Tomasek,          student FEL-CVUT

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