i386pe.x: etext and end?

Sigbjorn Finne sof@dcs.gla.ac.uk
Mon Sep 28 07:02:00 GMT 1998


apologies if this has been discussed before on the list, but
the definition of etext and end is a little bit odd in i386pe.x.
To quote from the version supplied with binutils-980830:

  .text  __image_base__ + __section_alignment__  : 
   etext = .;
  .endjunk BLOCK(__section_alignment__) :
    /* end is deprecated, don't use it */
     end = .;
     __end__ = .;
Is the omission of a prefix of (at least) one underscore to these two
symbols (end and etext) intentional? (Why not use "PROVIDE(_etext
=.);" to achieve the same effect instead?)

I guess what I'm really asking is what's the sanctioned way of getting
at these two syms from within straight C here, rely on asm labels or

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