Windows98 + inetutils

Hilton Fernandes
Mon Sep 28 13:35:00 GMT 1998

On 22 Sep 98 at 14:56, Olle Olsson <> wrote:

> Being able to mimic an  ordinary Unix way of handling users/groups/passwords/... via
> "/etc"-files seems like useful approach. The core API functionality remains the same
> to a large extent, the difference is only in where things are stored and updated.
> To what extent can one have *one* implementation of the API? What if there are /etc
> files on an NT, should these or the NT-owned structures be used. Presumably, as
> Windows95 (Windows98?) is weak on security, the NT-way of handling it should be used
> on the NT, while on Windows9x the file-based approach is taken. This would enable a
> wider portability, something that simplifies management of the system.
> /olle


Sorry for an empty message. :-(  As the great Forrest Gump would 
say, Shit happens! :-)

It's possible that someone that uses MS-Windows 9X isn't particularly
afraid of security problems; otherwise, he or she would prefer NT or
some other OS.  Indeed, any user of a Windows 9X OS is already a
priviledged user that can do anything to the system.

So, maybe there isn't any additional problem with a non secure access
to Windows 9X.


Hilton Fernandes
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