Namespace support?

Dwight Schauer
Mon Sep 28 13:35:00 GMT 1998

>  First, will the compiler 
> balk if I remove the .h from all the header > files? (the prof likes it 

I don't think any C compiler will balk, as long
as you are consistent. IF you did it to things
like stdio.h, then the compiler would give you grief, but on your own includes, you can
use any extension, or no extension at all, it
is just a filename, nothing special about the .h

For things like stdio.h, string.h, and such, that
would be more of a problem, because you would have
to change every reference, but I don't think that
is what you are trying to do (at least I hope not)

> this way, since it's the new VC++ standard), and secondly, will the 

What a strange standard.

Not sure about the namespace issues.

Dwight Schauer
_schauerd_ at _letu_ dot _edu_

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