DisAssemble .exe by VC

Maxim Sobolev max@vega.pfts.com
Tue Sep 29 02:36:00 GMT 1998

Probably you may take a look at WinDasm32 disassembler for Windows. Try
to search in the Web or ftp.
"Debursky, Po-Sheng Ko" wrote:
Hi, there.
Do you know how to disassemble .exe into a file ?
I have a program which could not run in my NT.
I wish to grab the WM_'s callback function , and to disable it's checking
function. Then the problem could be solved.
I know SoftICE is good, for it could disassemble the .exe when it
But could it be disassemble into a whole file ?
I have tryed DDD and gdb, but could not find such function !
Please give me a help.
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