EGCS-Mingw32(1.0.2) not initializing application

Paul Garceau
Tue Sep 29 06:45:00 GMT 1998

Hi folks,

	First I need to assume that you are developing for a Gnu-Win32 

On 28 Sep 98, at 13:17, the Illustrious Ronnie Starks wrote:

> Hi,  I am using gnu-win32 and I need to compile programs for opengl.  I
> was wondering if you could help me.  After having tried repeatedly to
> compile a program so that it would open a window an show a checker board I
> have given up.

>  A friend of mine avoided this problem by purchasing
> Microsoft Visual C++.  With the GL/Glut libraries his works fine.  I'm
> using the GCC compiler and it just won't work.  Since you are deloping
> with opengl is there any advice that you could offer?

	I have a couple of suggestions...get the latest Glut implementation 
(b3.07 I believe -- from Kilgaard) and go ahead and try to build it under gcc.  I 
don't use glut for much the same reasons that you have noted, and have yet 
to find a suitable solution...The Mesa library has a glut portion, however, it 
doesn't work with Gnu-Win32 (in other words...using Win32 GUI) least it 
hasn't sucessfully compiled "out-of-the-box"...largely because most of the 
graphic libraries that are out there are set up to work only with X-
Windows...this is sad but, apparently, quite true.  There are exceptions, but 
they only work if you use the MSVC/C++ developers suite...I'm sure MS is 
lauging all the way to the bank...

	As a final note, I have managed to get the gl and glu versions of Mesa to 
build, but have yet to see them run since the demos included with Mesa do 
not work without GLUT.  Remember, glut is not really part of OpenGL any 
more than the old MS Aux library is...they are nothing more than nifty 
toolsets that seem to interact with OpenGL fairly readily.

	I'm not sure if VTK ( ) would help or not 
though it does build under EGCS/Mingw32.


		Paul G.

Information Systems Consultant
NewDawn Productions
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