some comments about a Win95 collect2 problem

Arne Vajhoej
Tue Sep 29 06:45:00 GMT 1998

>I have one report of collect2 dying with spawnvp failures on W95, but
>dozens of success reports. If you're one of the unlucky ones that has
>this problem, here's a workaround until someone with W95 machine can
>figure this out:

>  (basically rename the collect2 to something else)

>  % x=`gcc -print-prog-name=collect2`
>  % mv $x ${x}.bak

>now, you're back to working condition.

>The person reporting the error was using the following setup:
>  - coolview (don't know which one)
>  - W95 Rev B

I am not a cygwin32 expert or anything, but when I develop
some C++ code under VMS or some flavour of Unix and I want
to build it on a PC, then I always use either DJGPP or
Cygnus GnuWin32. They are much much better than the
compilers from MicroSoft and Borland.

I can verify, that there are some problem with collect2.

My setup:
  Pentium 200 MHz MMX with 32 MB RAM
  Windows 95 B (=OSR2) UK version
  Cygnus GnuWin32 B19 with patch DLL
  EGCS 1.1

  everything works fine, but during a build then collect2
  runs for 2-4 minutes, which means that builds takes a very
  long time. No error-messages and the images are OK. When I
  rename collect2, then the speed are back to normal (as it
  were before I installed EGCS 1.1 !) and the images looks

I am not a Windows95 expert, so I can not offer any explanation.
My guess would be, that EGCS 1.1 collect2 uses many ressources
of some kind and that it either ran out or a are close to.

Hope that this info will give you or a Windows95 expert some

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