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Paul Garceau
Tue Sep 29 06:45:00 GMT 1998

Hi folks,

On 28 Sep 98, at 18:53, the Illustrious wrote:

> There's an online book about DirectX available at:
> It should include everything about the DirectX ind Win9x *and* WinNT

	Thanks for the information...I was so excited that I had to check it out, 
so thought I'd give a brief review:

	The book seems to be fairly complete except for a couple of 
pre-supposes that you are using MSVC/C++ or one of the MS development 
suites...It also presupposes that you will be using MFC for all of your C++ 
interfacing; MFC doesn't work with anything but MSVC/C++ and Borland 5.x.  
It doesn't even mention NT except on the cover.  In fact, the text states 
specifically that you should read "Programming Win95" before getting too far 
into the book itself.

	The actual DirectX calls referenced are, for the most part, incompatible 
with Gnu-Win32.  The book also assumes that you have a completely 
functioning collection of the latest _released_ MS proprietary DirectX API 
sets, specifically DirectX 6.

	The book does take some time to give brief tutorials of MFC and COM.  
Beyond that, however, it hasn't much to offer for anyone who doesn't use 
MSVC/C++ or Borland C/C++ under the Win9x OS.  If you're using Win9x 
and MSVC/C++ or Borland, it might be worth checking out...otherwise, don't 


		Paul G.

Information Systems Consultant
NewDawn Productions
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