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Gary V. Vaughan
Tue Sep 29 06:45:00 GMT 1998

Alex Oren wrote:
> Hello.

Hi there.
> I just got on this list so if my questions are not appropriate here, > please direct me to where they can be (or a FAQ, if there is one).

For the FAQ, try:

Also the mailing list is archived at:

> Please keep in mind that I am not a UNIX person so I may miss the obvious.

So long as you keep in mind that I am not a WIN32 person, so I may
miss the obvious!
> I installed the Cygwin tools but I can't find any documentation on
> them.  Is there any available?  A windows help file will be best but
> any other format is fine as long as there is a tool to format/read
> it.

For the (unix style/nroff) manual pages, which tell you about the
tools in the cdk.exe archive:

If you want some API manual pages, a good approximation which I am
currently using is:

The cdk doesn't come with a reader however, so you might like to install
the following packages from


> Another question: How can I convert text files between UNIX format
> (LF) and DOS/Windows format (CR/LF)?  I looked at tr but it seems to
> me it only performs 1-to-1 character translations.

sed 's/^M$//' from bash?
(replace-regexp "^M$" "") from emacs?
:%s,^M$,, from vi?

(the above have to be *real* CTRL-M's not just ^ then M) or you might

	Gary V. Vaughan
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