Anyone got "v" to compile w/g++?

Stipe Tolj
Tue Sep 29 21:47:00 GMT 1998

> Hiya,
> Did anyone succeed in getting "v" (C++ toolset for GUI buidling) to compile
> under g++?
> The makefile that comes with v 1.20 didn't make it (can't get it to work),
> so I rolled my own. Now I'm stuck in compiling a file that uses OpenGL. That
> might be due to using a different Makefile, while OpenGL might be disabled
> for windows.

I have compiled v-1.19 (unix package) on b18 several weeks ago. Anyway I wanted
to grab a new release and try it on b19.


Stipe Tolj <>
Cygwin32 Porting Project
Department of Economical Computer Science
University of Cologne, Germany

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