Windows98 + inetutils

Stipe Tolj
Wed Sep 30 01:02:00 GMT 1998

>  > It's possible that someone that uses MS-Windows 9X isn't particularly
>  > afraid of security problems; otherwise, he or she would prefer NT or
>  > some other OS.  Indeed, any user of a Windows 9X OS is already a
>  > priviledged user that can do anything to the system.
>  >
>  > So, maybe there isn't any additional problem with a non secure access
>  > to Windows 9X.
> At the risk of responding to a troll I have to say that even win 9x people
> care about security when you add remote login. I'm willing to use physical
> access to control security on any box I have hidden in my bedroom and off the
> net. Even my non net unix boxes have no root password.
> I need better security when my box is on the net whether it is UNIX, NT or Win
> 95.

 I agree for 100%. As soon as you do provide service of remote access you want to
restrict it for security reasons, or maybe for "newbie deadly errors" like "rm -f
-r /" if mounted to c:\.

:(( Has anyone tried this kill on a Win9x box?! I would wonder if it works via


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