Has anyone ported RPM?

Eugene Kanter eugene@bgs.com
Mon Feb 1 18:58:00 GMT 1999

"Jari Aalto+mail.emacs" wrote:
> * Mon 1999-01-25 Eugene Kanter <eugene@bgs.com> list.cyg
> |
> | I have been using rpm on cywin for quite a while. Latest fixes even
> | support drive letters. Source rpm can be found in
> | ftp.ultra.net/pub/eugene/SRPMS. Can post binary upon request. My binary
> | is self-contained, default config files (rpmpopt and rprmc) are compiled
> | in.
> Would you be able to upload the binaries to some site? If you don't have
> WWW page, please send gzip + base64 encoded MIME.

Sorry for not getting back quickly, I do not read this list frequently.
Uploaded rpm.exe to ftp://ftp.ultra.net/pub/eugene/cygwin/bin/rpm.exe .
Althow some ^M handlening has been taken care of, still ^M are not
allowed within %file section of  a .spec file for this rpm binary. It is
recommended to use a text editor that does not use ^M. For example
native NT version of xemacs.

To get all defaults compiled in this binary displayed, run

rpm --showrc

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