Christopher Murray
Mon Feb 1 18:59:00 GMT 1999

>> This Cygwin will make NT a bearable experience yet!!  Has anyone taken a
>> look at the new NT/UNIX product put out by Interex?  Their claim, if I am
>> not mistaken, is that it allows NT to be classified as a true UNIX
>> operating system under the UNIX 95 & 98 standards (pending approval from
>> the Open Group).  To bad it also costs an arm and a leg.  They also mention
>> rumors of a plan by Microsoft to subvert Linux with a product of their own
>> called "Winux".  Ha - Let 'em just try!
>Interix used to be OpenNT.  It's a better solution than Cygwin for
>some purposes and less good for others.  (Doesn't work on Windows 9x
>or allow programs that access both Unix and Win32 API functions;
>but they're more standards-conformant unless I'm mistaken).
>BTW, where is the "Winux" info mentioned?

For what its worth,
The website I saw this info is below but you will find that it no longer
exists. (I get these daily NT tips from PC-world and this site was embedded 
in the email).  I must caution you that the information above about Winux 
should not be considered as true, but just a big rumor - the guys at the
site given below were just as clueless as to whether the information was
true and were looking for someone to back it up/verify its truthfulness.
Knowing how fast rumors can get turned into "the truth", I guess I never
should have opened my big mouth (or keyboard, as the case may be). 


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