multithread programming

Stipe Tolj
Tue Feb 2 17:44:00 GMT 1999

> >unfortunatly Cygwin b19 (and b20) are _not_ multithread safe. Therefore the
> >posix thread pthread package from MIT won't work.
> >
> >That's at least what core developers have told me on that issue.
> Actually, recent source snapshots have had a threadsafe option which has
> to be manually configured.  This also includes limited pthread support.

that sound great. So when can I expect to be able to port the MySQL database
engine using MIT's pthread package on Cygwin? Will be Cygwin b21 threadsafe and
pthread supporting?

What do I have to do, to get the pthread support active within the latest source
snapshot? Compile the whole cygwin1.dll? Which options do I have to configure
manually for this?


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