Problem with Status struct member in Windows32/Structures.h

Levon Saldamli
Wed Feb 3 03:18:00 GMT 1999

I get the following errors while compiling:

include\Windows32/Structures.h:2462: extraneous int ignored
include\Windows32/Structures.h:2462: warning: empty declaration 
include\Windows32/Structures.h:2508: extraneous int ignored
include\Windows32/Structures.h:2508: warning: empty declaration
include\Windows32/Structures.h:3480: extraneous int ignored
include\Windows32/Structures.h:3480: warning: empty declaration

The only thing common for above errors is the line

   DWORD Status;

in Structures.h

I guess the problem is the code below from X11/Xlib.h

  #if defined(__WIN32__) || defined(_WIN32)
  typedef int Status;
  #define Status 

I am sure the typedef is used in this case but it doesn't seem to
help. I am using Cygnus B20.1 (egcs 2.91.57)

Thanks in advance for comments.

/Levon Saldamli

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