REVISITED: telnetd and bash hanging

Ian Collins
Thu Feb 4 14:23:00 GMT 1999

Has anyone any ideas on how to fix this? (I believe there have been other
postings on the same issue). It's really annoying.

I am using inetdutils (Sergeys port), with telnetd enabled in inetd.conf and
I notice the following:

I telnet to the NT server running B20.1 inetd and login. (the shell is
I "cat" a large text file (the file I use as an example is about 60K).

If left to complete, this works OK.

If however, while the file is scrolling, you hit the keyboard a few times,
the scrolling will stop - seemingly at random, and nothing will get the
session going again. (The bash shell is hung). 
The only recourse is to close the window and start again. (However Control-]
does work to interrupt the telnet).

This ONLY happens when telnetted to the NT server. A cmd window running bash
is fine.

Any ideas?

(NT4 Server, SP3, all filesystems are mounted BINARY and are NTFS.
CYGWIN=tty binmode title strip_title glob)

Ian Collins.

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