xemacs under B20.1

Oelke, Dan doelke@opticalsolutions.com
Fri Feb 5 08:06:00 GMT 1999

For those of us trying to spread the XEmacs *and* 
cygwin gospel to the zombie masses used to using 
Windoze - haveing a slick install package is a definite 
advantage.  I can share a directory that has a few .exe's 
and just say - "install these things" and it is simple.  

Now if I can just wean them off the DOS command line 
and get them  to use bash instead.... <sigh>

Myself - I'll recompile xemacs with cygwin - in my 
spare time (yeah right) - or when something really 
starts to annoy me about the pre-compiled executable. 
But, nothing in the last 2 weeks has annoyed me that 

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> >>>>> "Dan" == Oelke, Dan <doelke@opticalsolutions.com> writes:
> Dan> I just installed XEmacs version 21.0.62 from a binary install and
> it
> Dan> worked GREAT.
> Dan> It doesn't have cygwin built in so it doesn't understand cygwin
> mounts,
> Dan> but that hasn't
> Dan> been an issue for me.  Just go to ftp.xemacs.org and look under
> the beta
> Dan> directory for 
> Dan> xemacs-install-990105.EXE
> You can build the latest betas out-of-box.  See cvs.xemacs.org or
> ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/beta.
> There's a dedicated xemacs-nt mailing list.  See www.xemacs.org for
> mailing list archives.  The binary install is for people who choose
> not to use cygwin.
> Remek
> -- 
> Remek Trzaska                  http://www.npac.syr.edu/users/remek
> Research Scientist
> Northeast Parallel Architectures Center at Syracuse University, NY

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