pid problem found
Sun Feb 7 19:27:00 GMT 1999

Ok, this may still be a B20.1 problem, but I'm definitely more shaky
about it now.  It turns out that after CreateProcess, the returned
PROCESS_INFORMATION structure has a dwProcessId entry that's usally
between 3 to 5 times the value of the real pid.

for instance, the spawned child's real PID will be 1070, but 
the dwProcessId will give 3919... the next run, real PID is 1072, 
but dwProcessId gives 4663, a third time real is 1075, dwProcessId
returns 3033.

(I've been using dwProcessId to save the pid for later waitpid() calls,
which now explains why those were failing)

I'm sorry to send to the list so much, but I've tried dejanews, web
searches, irc channels, NT programming books and have gotten stuck :(

Thanks for your help and patience,

James Manning
Hardware Design Engineer --- IBM Netfinity Performance Development

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