pid problem found

Christopher Faylor
Mon Feb 8 06:40:00 GMT 1999

On Mon, Feb 08, 1999 at 09:30:55AM -0500, wrote:
>> Would it be possible that this 'pid' is something other
>> than that id seen in taskmanager? does cygwin's
>> waitpid use the CreateProcess-pid? or something else?
>That was it, as it turns out... CreateProcess returns a Windows pid,
>not a cygwin pid, so cygwin1.dll's waitpid couldn't use it...
>Unfortunately, I was using CreateProcess to do anonymous pipe inheritance
>so each of the children could feed back an integer after getting a
>SIGALRM and exit.
>What this means now is that I'm stuck either converting the signal(),
>alarm(), and waitpid() stuff to Win32 calls (events I guess) or trying
>to dump all the anon pipe stuff in favor of some other IPC mechanism
>(most likely moving to the Win32 event stuff, I'd guess, though all the
>examples that I've seen do explicit checks for incoming messages in the
>code and not something as simple as installing a handler to print one
>integer and exit.

Umm.  Cygwin supports anonymous pipes.  Think UNIX.  That's what we're
trying to emulate.


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