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Christopher Faylor
Mon Feb 8 06:48:00 GMT 1999

On Mon, Feb 08, 1999 at 09:43:23AM -0500, wrote:
>> Umm.  Cygwin supports anonymous pipes.  Think UNIX.  That's what we're
>> trying to emulate.
>True enough... I should have said "Anon pipes created with CreatePipe
>and DuplicateHandle and inherited through CreateProcess"... unless
>I can swap out CreateProcess and the other stuff works (not saying
>that's not the case, just can't find an API call that claims to do
>this), then it's code re-write either way, and I might as well move
>the signal handling stuff over to events since that's pretty small
>code already (like I said, print an int and exit :)

Cygwin pipes are created with CreatePipe.  These pipes can be duplicated
with dup() or dup2().  They follow UNIX inheritance rules, i.e., they're
inherited by subprocesses by default.

That means that pipes will be inherited by processes that are
fork/execed or spawned.

Somehow I still get the feeling that you're making this a lot more
complicated than is warranted.


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