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Mon Feb 8 06:59:00 GMT 1999

> Somehow I still get the feeling that you're making this a lot more
> complicated than is warranted.

You're probably right, so let me throw out what I'm trying to do and
get a knowledgable answer :)

Program started out as just running and spawning x children, but run time
was variable and we need to be able to either pass a "seconds to run"
param or stop it with an event/signal (specifically, from a perl script
that runs the parent process).  When signaled, the children will need
to feed back one integer (for loop index, kept as a global var in each
child) and exit.

Approach was going to be have perl kill -ALRM the parent, have it handle
and cascade the ALRM to children, read the integers from the pipes that
were inherited by the children, and print some stats. (each child would
handle ALRM by printf'ing the int and exit'ing)

The code has to eventually be able to compile and run on just MS VC++
(not my choice) w/o the cygwin dll, but I was hoping to use the cygwin
stuff to just get it up and working and migrate over to pure Win32 after
the fact (once the immediate need for something that works is done)

Thanks again for all your help and patience,

James Manning
Hardware Design Engineer --- IBM Netfinity Performance Development

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