DJGPP's FSDB win32 port betatesters wanted

Paul Sokolovsky
Mon Feb 8 09:24:00 GMT 1999

Hello Cygwin,

  I tried hard to make me love gdb, but I ignominiously failed. So I
chose easy way and ported fsdb the fullscreen debugger from djgpp to
win32. Features include:

  * Sanity: no X, no graficity, no cygwin. No, no, no! (hope, this is
    not paranoia)

  * Preliminary mouse support

  * DLL support

  * I started using GNU general debuginfo support, so source-level
    debugging within view (cygnus decided not to use coff-native
    linenumbering info support - wise guys)

  As for me, it's quite stable, but source code is creepy, so I
wouldn't like to release it now. So, I write this message to ask if
someone is wishing to play with such toys as betatester (in email,

Best regards,

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