cross compiler build fail (multiple definition of `fhandler_base::get_native_name(void)', and more)

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Mon Feb 8 13:50:00 GMT 1999

Juergen Lock <> writes:
>  Thanx!  Do i need egcs, how is it better than the vanilla gcc that
> comes with the dev-src.tar.bz2?  I didnt know about the CROSS directory,
> did everything in the `root' directory (.../src) until now
> (had to symlink from .. btw)

Yes, egcs. My instructions quite possibly will not work with vanilla/FSF

>  I have re-started from scratch in CROSS now but still got a link problem
> (see below).
> > Also, the target is i586-cygwin32, not i386-unknown-cygwin32; you need
> > this for various reasons.
>  Umm.  Does that mean the target machine cant be a 486?  or would
> i486-cygwin32 also work?

Please use what I suggest -- egcs and i586-cygwin32 as the target name,
and then I'll take a look at the errors if any. 

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