Windows GUI info?

Arcadio A. Sincero Jr.
Mon Feb 8 18:06:00 GMT 1999

On Mon, 8 Feb 1999, Rostislav Lyudmirsky wrote:
> I'm interested in learning how to do windows apps using cygwin gcc/g++
> While Cygnus site has a lot of specific reference on api, I could not
> find any general info on gui program structure, resource building, etc.

	I suggest taking a look at the wxWindows framework.  Details are
at .  Its a cross platform C++ framework which
has, amongst other things, GUI functions.  And its free.

	Another possibility is the V framework.  See for more info on that.  V might be easier to
understand than wxWindows.  However, V doesn't seem to be as featureful
(this was probably by design tho ... V only does GUI while wxWindows does
GUI, threads, sockets, and more).  V is also free.

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