cross compiler build fail (multiple definition of `fhandler_base::get_nat...
Mon Feb 8 21:08:00 GMT 1999

In a message dated 2/8/99 2:58:50 PM Pacific Standard Time,
khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU writes:

<<  Do i need egcs, how is it better than the vanilla gcc that
 > comes with the dev-src.tar.bz2?  I didnt know about the CROSS directory,
 > did everything in the `root' directory (.../src) until now
 > (had to symlink from .. btw)
 Yes, egcs. My instructions quite possibly will not work with vanilla/FSF
 GCC. >>
The gcc in dev-src.tar.bz2 is egcs-1.1.  It doesn't behave so much different
from egcs-1.1.1.  I've tried compiling that stuff both ways on W95, and both
produce binaries which appear to work the same as the distributed ones.  I'm
sure that we could go in the principle that 1.1.1 is as good as or better than
1.1, at least when we avoid -march=pentiumpro or install the early-clobbers
for conditional integer moves from recent snapshots of

<<Please use what I suggest -- egcs and i586-cygwin32 as the target name,
and then I'll take a look at the errors if any. >>
Was he compiling on linux?  The configures on Windoze tend to slip into the
default target at times, so I found it better not to specify the target there.

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