[Q:] Has Mail Delivery Changed?

David M. Smith david.smith@home-free.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 9 02:05:00 GMT 1999


Until recently all the mail from this group was filtered on the
"Sender:" field to a specific pseudo newsgroup by my mail / news
program.  About a week ago all the traffic started appearing in my
general mailbox, hiding less frequent personal stuff (I read the list
stuff in chunks when I have the time, not when it arrives).  None of the
mail has a "Sender:" field and the mail seems to be routed via various
personal aliases for the list server in the "CC:" field.  I have tried
to construct a new filtering rule but there are too many permutations.

Has anyone else noticed this change and does anyone know why it has just
started?  How do I send questions like this to the list administrator?

David M. Smith

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