file completion in bash shell from emacs

Murli Ganeshan
Wed Feb 10 12:47:00 GMT 1999

I have emacs 19.34.6 for windows 95 and I have installed the cygwin 20.1
package and am able to invoke a bash shell from emacs with "M-x shell".

I have seen a problem with file completion. The problem is that the forward
slash(/)directory delimiter is replaced by the backward slash(\). So if had a
hierarchy as

And from dir1, I say ls <TAB>, I get ls dir2\, instead of ls dir2/, and I have
to manually change the \ to / to descend.

I have not seen this problem when the bash shell is invoked by itself(i.e 
cygnus.bat), and it correctlygives the / delimiter.

I would like to know how how to have the same behaviour inside a bash shell 
opened from emacs.

Any comments/suggestions are highly appreciated.

Murli Ganeshan 	Cirrus Logic, Austin, TX	
phone:  (512)912-3365	fax: (512)912-3230

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