Problems with ncftp

Frank McIngvale
Wed Feb 10 12:52:00 GMT 1999

Hi - I'm having a problem with ftp transfers using
ncftp under cygwin.

ncftp compiles correctly (without curses) and seems
to run fine. However, when I download a file, it comes
out corrupted (and is too large). 

Yes, I am using binary mode to xfer the file, and I've
tried mounting / as both (text != binary) and (text = binary),
with the same result both ways. (Actually, I'm downloading
to /home which is really a symlink to c:\home, and / is
really c:\cygwin\unixroot, if any of that matters.)

This is under NT4 + SP4, Cygwin-B20.1 + egcs 1.1.1, ncftp 2.4.3.

Anyone have any ideas what might be going wrong?


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