Updated X11R6.4 client libs for B20

Arlindo da Silva dasilva@alum.mit.edu
Wed Feb 10 19:24:00 GMT 1999


  I finally got around to update my X11 client/lib clients for B20.
The URL is:


This distribution contains: 

    Pre-compiled libraries, e.g., libX11.a, libX11.dll, LibXm.a,
libXaw.a,         libsx.a, libXpm.a, etc. 
    Lesstif version 0.87 (the GNU version of Motif) 
    X clients such as xmkmf, imake, bitmap, xclock, xterm, rxvt, etc. 
    Window managers: twm, mwm, fvwm2 
    Documentation: X11R6, Lesstif and Fvwm manual pages in HTML 
    Sample code to test your installation 

Cygnus Webmaster: could you please update your "Related Sites" page?
The item is

o Prebuilt X client libs for NT (Cygwin b19) including excellent setup  

(note change in URL from X11R6.3 to X11R6.4, and B20 update). 



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