xemacs under B20.1

Laurent Charles laurent.charles@st.com
Thu Feb 11 01:18:00 GMT 1999


I saw these various messages about xemacs in the list and could not find
any binary.

doelke@opticalsolutions.com wrote:
> I just installed XEmacs version 21.0.62 from a binary install and it
> worked GREAT. It doesn't have cygwin built in so it doesn't
> understand cygwin mounts, but that hasn't been an issue for me.
> Just go to ftp.xemacs.org and look under the beta
> directory for xemacs-install-990105.EXE

david.bush@adn.alcatel.com wrote:
> Yes,  I just completed a build of the latest beta version of Xemacs
> with 20.1.  It is working just fine.

Has anyone of you the actual URL where those binary versions can be
found (with and without cygwin support)?

Thank you


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