Christopher Faylor cgf@cygnus.com
Thu Feb 11 06:09:00 GMT 1999

Actually, you have seen very few unsubscribe messages in the last few
years because the previous mailing list software was set up to do pretty
much what you describe.

As should be painfully obvious, we are still in the process of tweaking
the new mailing list software.  We didn't get everything exactly right
in our first attempt.

Also, you're responding to a thread that died out almost a week ago.

Personally, I find these little bad-humored, off-topic rants much more
distracting than the occasional 'unsubscribe' message.


On Wed, Feb 10, 1999 at 02:23:38PM -0800, Simon Quellen Field wrote:
>How many times over the past few years have we seen 'unsubscribe'
>messages?  When that many people can't figure out how to do common
>operations with a piece of software, maybe it's time to blame the
>software instead of the people.
>How difficult can it be to write a list server that looks at the mail it is
>about to send, checking for content that has nothing but the word
>'unsubscribe' in it?  Certainly once it has found such a piece of mail,
>it is not brain surgery to decide not to mail it out to the list, but
>instead to simply honor the request.
>Maybe the problem is that the list server was designed to make
>Multi-Level Marketing easy, (hence the name 'ezmlm'), and people
>who cater to spammers have a different outlook than a bunch of
>programmers who donate their time to providing free software to
>the world.
>Maybe the next free software project should be a smarter list server.
>At 03:18 PM 2/4/99 -0500, Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) wrote:
>>At 11:59 AM 2/4/99 -0800, H. Sawyer Gillespie wrote:
>>Can people PLEASE stop sending their requests for unsubscribing to the list?
>>The proper way to unsubscribe from the list is to send mail to the LIST 
>>SERVER address, NOT the list address itself.  If you don't know what the
>>address is that you should send to, check the Cygnus web site.  It clearly
>>states the address and the process.  See:
>>   http://sourceware.cygnus.com/cygwin/lists.html
>>For example, people looking to get off the cygwin list should send mail to


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