b20 gdb problem.. (abort() somewhere)

Nirmal Prasad nprasad@truept.com
Mon Feb 15 14:49:00 GMT 1999

hi there,

This is with reference to my previous mail asking help on GDB and i finally
found that the signal that gdb was getting was SIGABRT if
($INCLUDE/sys/signals.h) is okay and this causes gdb to terminate the
application. There is no indication as to who is throwing the abort(). It
might be either in gdb or in the standard run-time libraries. There is no
information that i am able to get as to which module has called abort. My
application does not have any aborts and i have used exception handling in
most of the cases. Any pointers as to how to solve this ???? besides opening
up the code for gdb and the run-time libraries to find out who has called
abort(). Furthermore as the application runs fine outside of GDB the abort()
is most likely inside GDB or that there is something wierd that GDB is doing
that is causing an abort() somewhere. But the funny thing is that after  the
application aborts i can see the GDB  prompt.

Thanks in advance


Nirmal Prasad R.

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