B20: make confused with //a style drive specifiers

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Mon Feb 15 15:46:00 GMT 1999

Graham Dumpleton <Graham.Dumpleton@ra.pad.otc.com.au> writes:
> Would be interested to hear if you only installed makeit or whether you got
> the OSE C++ class libraries to build and install as well. When I install the
> OSE C++ class libraries I get lots of problems with multiply defined symbols.
> Both the EGCS 1.1 and 1.1.1 compilers under B20 will when using debug in
> some cases expand inline functions of templates but give them global scope
> meaning that when multiple object files are linked with those expansions
> you get multiple definitions for the inline functions. Also get multiple
> definitions for virtual function tables as well some times.

Hi Graham,

Could you possibly put together a test case so I can try and get a fix in
before egcs-1.1.2 is released? What you see sounds like a bug in emitting
.linkonce directive (somewhat like "weak" symbols in ELF, but done at the
section level instead of symbol level) for certain inlines.

In the meantime, I'll download the latest release and try it out.


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