Fw: Updated binary lesstif-0.87.1-cygnus-b20.tgz now available.

Suhaib M. Siddiqi Ssiddiqi@InspirePharm.Com
Tue Feb 16 12:58:00 GMT 1999


On your Cygnus Related Link web pages can you please only point to
directory instead of

We will be putting the next binary release of Lesstif 0.879 on LessTif
ftp server over the weekend. Shorty the 0.88 version will follow the
0.879 version of lesstif.  The LessTif 0.879 release offers many bug
fixes and more compatibility with MOTIF 1.2.  The binary release of
LessTif for Cygwin will be unified binary archive for libXm.a, libMrm.a
and libXlt.a

Pointing to binary file may cause confusion once we upload the newest
version of LessTif for Cygwin.

As you suggested last time the new release will be names
lessTif-xxx-cygwin-xxx.tgz, win32 will no longer be embeded with Cygwin.


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