EGCS 1.1.1 mingw32 by Mumit Khan

Geoffrey Noer
Wed Feb 17 17:39:00 GMT 1999

> The screen saver library is not part of the win32 api, it is just
> a (static) helper library by MS. I don't know where libscrnsave.a
> in the cygnus distribution comes from.

It was from a very old Cygwin sysdef file that allows linking against
the appropriate dll but we've never had any matching headers.  The
next release of Cygwin (and current snapshots) will include new .a
files built from Anders' new header file set.  libscrnsave.a will
dissappear since we aren't using it, it's not part of the Win32 API,
and it's really old/unsupported.

Hopefully the new release will also include Anders' headers.  I now
have them working locally but there are still a few minor issues to
work out before committing to the switch.

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