Pthreads in cygwin

Stipe Tolj
Thu Feb 18 02:31:00 GMT 1999

> I was wondering how I would go about using pthreads in cygwin? The b20.1
> release does not appear to support them, but more recent snapshots do
> contain what looks like pthreads support.

That's right. Recent snapshots support the --enable-threadsafe for the
configure process. The build cygwin1.dll and dependend libs will implement
some pthread_* functions as usually available within the libpthread.a
library (i.e. MIT's pthread) on other systems.

As Geoffrey and other from Cygnus have stated the pthread functions within
the latest snapshots are *very expertimental* and may not work at all.

I have tried to compile some simple example programs using pthread
functions. They do build, but crash with a segmentation fault error on a
Win98 box.


Stipe Tolj <>

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