Murli Ganeshan
Sat Feb 20 10:30:00 GMT 1999

I have cygwin 20.1 installed on my windows 95 machine and observe
errors while trying to run some c++ code compiled with g++ (2.8.1)

I have a simple c++ program that generates ACCESS VIOLATIONS at
runtime. The same code does not generate any runtime errors while
running the executable generated from djgpp on the same machine. Also,
there are no runtime errors when compiled on a Linux 2.0.36 box or a
SUNos 4.1.4 box.

I believe this error is due to dynamic memory allocation but cannot
figure out why I dont get the same error while using djgpp gcc
(2.7.2)? Also the gdb with cygnus does not seem to read the core file.

I saw some old postings related to ACCESS VIOLATIONS with malloc and
the solution was to replace that with mmalloc. Is there a similar one
for the "new" dynamic memory allocator in c++ that I can use?

Here's a command line snippet. I would appreciate any
feedback/suggestions to debug the problem.

bash.exe-2.02$ g++ list2.cpp listex2.cxx -o exam
bash.exe-2.02$ exam
[main] C:\MSDEV\PROJECTS\HMWK3\EXAM.EXE 1011 (0) handle_exceptions:
[main] EXAM 1011 (0) handle_exceptions: Dumping stack trace to


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