Fw: LessTif Release 0.87.9 is out

Suhaib M. Siddiqi Ssiddiqi@InspirePharm.Com
Sat Feb 20 13:30:00 GMT 1999

Sorry, forgot to attach this note with the previous message about lesstif
for Cygwin.


>The LessTif Core Team is pleased to announce Release 0.87.9 of the
>LessTif library.
>This release is to be considered a prerelease for 0.88.0.  There have
>been many changes and improvements since the last release.  In
>particular, the build system has changed so that both Motif-1.2 and
>Motif-2.0 compatible versions are built by default.  The 2.0 version
>(if not the 1.2 version) breaks binary compatibility.  Please test
>this version for critical errors so which we should fix before 0.88.0.
>LessTif is a LGPL'd implemention of the OSF/Motif standard GUI toolkit
>for X11 on unix.  LessTif aims to be source compatible with Motif 1.2.
>At this point, most of the 1.2 API is working and in place, and many
>Motif apps compile and run out of the box with LessTif.  The LessTif
>Core team is interested in hearing about Motif 1.2 applications which
>don't work with LessTif.  Bug reports are welcome; patches are even
>more welcome.
>More information, source code, and binaries for several platforms are
>available at:
> http://lesstif.org
>The LessTif Core Team

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