strange mount behaviour...

Sebastien Barre
Tue Feb 23 17:15:00 GMT 1999

Well, sorry to post another naive question, but here is a sequence of
reproducible commands that lead to something very obscure to me : mounting
D: (the disk where cygwin and my root is located) seems to invalid some
internal behaviours (well, let's say some illogical things appear :)

Here it is. I just installed B20.1,

> GNUWIN32=d:/devel/gnuwin32; export GNUWIN32
> CYGROOT=${GNUWIN32}/cygwin-b20; export CYGROOT

- create some directories for a kind of filesystem

> cd ${GNUWIN32}
> mkdir root
> cd root
> mkdir tmp etc d

- mount

> umount /
> mount ${GNUWIN32}/root /
> mount D:/temp /tmp
> mount ${CYGROOT}/etc /etc

No pb until now, for example, let's have a look at /etc (two times)  :

> cd /
> ls
d/ etc/ tmp/
> ls etc
> ls /etc

Now here is the funny part :

> mount D: /d
> ls etc
> ls d 

!! nothing !!

> ls /etc
> cd /etc
> ls

!! now here they are, '/etc' works, 'etc' does not !!

> cd ..
> ls d
> ls /d
autoexec.bat config.sys
... etc.

Could anyone explain me why mounting D: ou D:/ ou d:/ to /d produce these
artefacts ? Doing the same thing with C: ou E: will NOT cause any problem.
Is it impossible to mount the drive where cygwin is located ? Installing
coolview did not help too. As well as binary mount.


Sebastien Barre        

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