glob_t, glob(), glob.h or similar : where in B20.1 ?

Christopher Faylor
Wed Feb 24 00:08:00 GMT 1999

On Tue, Feb 23, 1999 at 06:24:24PM -0600, Mumit Khan wrote:
>Sebastien Barre <> writes:
>> I was wondering : where is glob.h ? 
>> I guess it's not "mandatory" or "standard", but I'm using the glob.h
>> functions (glob()) and structures (glob_t & so on) in my sources, and was
>> wondering :
>> 	- where are the similar functions in B20.1 ?
>> 	- how can I emulate this in C in an efficient way ? 
>> I'm a bit surprised : these "globbing" features are quite common (and
>> therefore API), how where they ported to cygwin32 ?
>The glob functions are not part of POSIX.1, but I believe proposed for 
>POSIX.2 (is it approved yet?). Cygwin winsup sources do have it, but
>these are not exported.
>I'll send a patch to cygwin folks. It's of course up to the Cygwin team 
>to decide whether to export it or not.
>Your best bet for now is to just take the glob.c and glob.h from winsup
>sources (or some other GNU package the contain it, eg., make) and use 
>that. If you don't have the Cygwin sources, you can get just the 
>directory from Cygnus ftp server:
>get the winsup.tar.bz2.
>  $ bunzip2 -c winsup.tar.bz2 | \
>    tar xvf - src/winsup/glob.h src/winsup/glob.c
>will extract the two files. 

I think this was a recent change wasn't it?  glob is actually used by
cygwin1.dll.  I think it actually used to be in libcygwin.a, but I could
be wrong.

All it should need is for glob.h to be moved to include and for glob to
be added to cygwin.din, right?

I have no problems with exporting this.  As far as I can tell, this
is actually a bug.


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