strange mount behaviour...

Earnie Boyd
Wed Feb 24 06:48:00 GMT 1999

---Sebastien Barre <> wrote:
> Could anyone explain me why mounting D: ou D:/ ou d:/ to /d produce
> artefacts ? Doing the same thing with C: ou E: will NOT cause any
> Is it impossible to mount the drive where cygwin is located ?
> coolview did not help too. As well as binary mount.

This is a known bug with the mount filesystem emulation and relative
paths.  When you do `ls d' you are actually displaying the contents of
the mount point directory which is empty even on UNIX.  When you do
`ls /d' the emulation resolves correctly and you see the contents of d:.

This may have been fixed in recent snapshots.  I know that Geoff Noer
reworked the code for the mounted directories.  Caution, using
snapshots may cause other problems as snapshots aren't tested.  Please
read the change log to find out what has changed.
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