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Suhaib M. Siddiqi Ssiddiqi@InspirePharm.Com
Sat Feb 27 07:06:00 GMT 1999

>we at the University of Bergen in Norway are developing free software for
>seismology. Until now, we had to make different graphics for PC and Unix,
>but using cygwin and x11 it might be possible to just have one version.
>The only limitation seems to be the availibilty of free X server software.
>I have tested the MIX, but it does not seem stable enough. Good products
>are Reflection X, but of course we need something that we can distribute
>with our software for free.

MIX is X11R5 compliant only (for Windows).  The available libraries for
Cygwin are X11R6.x  Could this be your problem of unstability?  Beside MIX
can emulate only 256 colors max.  After all MIX is free and you get what you
pay for.

I do not think there is any good X-Server available for free.  The cheapest
good X-Servers are Starnet's X-Server (approx. US $ 200 for commercial and
much cheaper for educational institutions).  Sun's Network Client 3.2 is
also not bad in price is costs under $300 for commercial users.

I had problems even with the above mentioned servers because OpenGL/GLX
ported application does not work properly under Startnet and Sun's
x-servers, perhasp because they are not OpenGL compliant.


>Does anyone know about a good free X server ???
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