SSH 1.2.26 id problem

Byron Foster
Sat Feb 27 14:12:00 GMT 1999

>>      I recently downloaded ssh 1.2.26 from Surgey's site.  However, I'm
>> having difficulty getting it to run.  On both NT and win98 I get the
>> error "You don't exist, go away!" when I type either ssh or ssh-keygen.
>Based on the sources, I'd say it was expecting a proper record for
>your uid in the /etc/passwd file.  Do you have an /etc/passwd file
>with an entry for your uid?

Yep, that was the problem, thanks!  I can now use ssh at the command line.
However, I'm still having problems getting it to work through cvs,  I get
the following error:

C:/>cvs -t his
cvs history: notice: main loop with CVSROOT=:ext:bfoster@defender:/dss_rep
 -> Starting server: ssh defender -l bfoster cvs server
Bad host name: "ssh"
cvs [history aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if

This same configuration works with ssh version 1.1.14, or at least it get
past this point, but unfortunately 1.1.14 converts CRLFs so it can not be
used for checkouts or commits...

Also I noticed that sshd is compiled and should be working, however it
always says permissions denied when I try to login, not matter what
password.  I tried to look for information on passwords, but I couldn't fix
the problem.  Is sshd using the standard NT login password, or is there
another file I need to create?

Thanks a bunch,

Byron Foster

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