Updated X11R6.4 client libs for B20

Charles Wilson cwilson@ee.gatech.edu
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

"Billinghurst, David (RTD)" wrote:

> I have downloaded the X11R6.4 libraries from :
> < http://dao.gsfc.nasa.gov/software/grads/win32/X11R6.4/ >
> When I try to use them  - for example running xclock - I get an error
> "The procedure entry point dll_noncygwin_dllcrt0 could not be
> located in dynamic link library cygwin1.dll"
> PC is NT4 SP4/cygwinb20.1 using Hummingbird Exceed as X server.

I think Mumit is probably correct. I have a clean install [1] of 20.1,
with X11R6.4 from
< http://dao.gsfc.nasa.gov/software/grads/win32/X11R6.4/ >, and xclock
works fine.


[1] The silver lining of a recent hard drive crash^H^H^H cloud.

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