Total lack of accurate documentation!

Paul Sokolovsky
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

Hello Corinna,

Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:

CV> Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
>> [...]
>>     Something like that I had, little more worse, though.
>> I solved it globally (after consulting to maillist and being told
>> those are 'features' of cygwin) - unmount all except root.
>> Replace in registry '/' mount point from drive where
>> windows installed to drive where cygwin itself installed (it's another
>> cygwin feature). Make /tmp on that drive. Keep youself within that
>> drive. Use //cygdrive/ syntax to access other drives (search list
>> archive for more info). Forget forever about one of the MOST NICE
>> and USEFUL features of cygwin.

CV> Why do you tell this?

CV> Nothing of this, what you are telling is really necessary! I'm using cygwin
CV> mount points on many computers with many windows partitions and it works fine!
CV> You are not obliged to use REGEDIT, to change the root mount! Try
CV>         umount /
CV>         mount [-bf] X: /
CV> and you will see: This works, too!
CV> So, too, it's definitly unnecessary, to use a //cygdrive style syntax!
CV> Many nice features of cygwin are working as expected, some others have errors
CV> in it, but less than windows itself! Some code also workarounds windows shit!

CV> As a result, IMHO, your last sentence is a insolence!

    Let me explain my path with b20. I get it, saw that it works
better (mostly faster) that b18, last (and very first) I looked at
and get angry at. I subscribed to cygwin-devel to see if I could get
more knowledge about cygwin ideology and was going to install sources.
That problem with mount-tables I get while installing it. Very funny,
yeah? I tried to lisp something about it that mail-list, but
Christopher Faylor explained me that indeed everything ok with it, no
point to worry. During mail-list change I get dropped from
cygwin-devel and resubscribed now here, as more appropriate place for

    So, why I wrote that? Because it's a _solution_. It's ok for
mount-tables here when they needed and even when not needed, but not
noticable. But when they bring chaos into my file system, I don't
think that's too cruel to turn it off, even by tearing. I tried to
tell that it won't be to groundless to let user have control over
default mounts during install, or at least notify about default
bindings. But I hasn't get understanding for this, it's something
like one telling "I had problems, so and so probably unright, other
may come to this, too", and gets answer "No, everything's fine, noone
ever complains". He sure looks like idiot and constrained to act like.
But just see - there really are cases very familiar.

    And ones again - I wrote that not to get cygwin developers, but
because I care about cygwin. Probably, care with other internal
motivation and external representation. Hope, you'll notify me about
twitting me, instead of leaving it in silence.

CV> Corinna

Best regards,

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