DJ Delorie
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

> is it possible to mount ISO9660 image with cygwin mount provides
> with the b20.1 ?

The cygwin mount command does nothing more than map existing windows
paths (like c:\foo) to posix-like paths (like /foo).  It simulates a
few raw devices, like /dev/null and /dev/fd0.  It does not simulate
file systems other than the ones that windows already supports.

So, the answer is "yes" if and only if windows can do it, and I don't
think windows can treat a file like a device (like Linux can).

One novel project for some enterprising programmer would be to add the
equivalent of DJGPP's "File System Extensions", which could be used to
do exactly that (*if* someone wrote the module to handle it).  You'd
do something like "mount -t iso9660 /cdrom" and cygwin would
load the fs-iso9660.dll driver to deal with it.

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