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Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

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irox@animehouse.org writes:

<<  I am currently using windows 95 4.0.950b with fat32 support
 (aka osr2.1)>>

If you haven't installed USB, that's worth trying.  It's really needed with
osr2.5.  It should be in a directory on the CD, such as /other/updates.  Best
re-install W95 first, to make sure nothing is corrupted.  Install doesn't work
while USB is installed.
 <<Also, sometimes programs work and then stop working for no apparent
 reason, the first time i installed cygwin b20.1, Make would quit saying
 /c: Can't find /c>>

Some programs seem to expect to see the cygnus installation directory as if
the drive is mounted on a directory named according to the drive letter.  A
recent posting indicated an effort to get away from this (b20.2?).
 <<so i compiled and installed gnu make 3.77, which worked.. >>

Congratulations.  It was difficult even to get that far on my initial b20.1
installation.  That also is a change which has been discussed favorably, and
is working for me.

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